What is permanent makeup for men?

Guyliner, man-scara and more… yes, guys wear and enjoy makeup too. From a little tinted balm to full on lashes, there is no reason why men can't also enjoy the benefits of permanent or semi-permanent makeup. It doesn't have to look feminine! There is no reason why men too can't look and feel their best.

Lip pigment colour correction or lip blush. Semi-permanent makeup for lips is ideal if your lips have a darker, bluish hue, or are devoid of natural pigment. Kseniia can choose a pigment colour that looks completely natural and use this to help give the appearance of fuller lips, correct any imbalance of the lips or add a touch of definition. This is where the importance of choosing a skilled artist really comes to the fore, to ensure you have a completely natural and effortless result, without any harsh lines or bright pigments (unless, of course, that is the result you are after). This is becoming one of the most popular permanent makeup treatments for men.

Eyebrow correction, using men's microblading – this is great for a completely natural way to fill in sparse brows and to add definition to the face. Semi-permanent makeup for brows us applied using individual hair strokes, which are applied using a technique that is similar to tattooing, for a completely natural look that will not fade or wash off.

Lash liner – using tiny dots of pigment, applied between the eyelashes, a very natural effect can be achieved, that can help eyes to look more defined and give the appearance of more dense eyelashes.
Kseniia is an empathetic, experienced permanent and semi-permanent makeup artist in Gerrard's Cross, Buckinghamshire, who is experienced in treating men as well as women. Her artistic background goes beyond regular semi-permanent makeup training, ensuring that clients at her Gerrard's Cross aesthetic clinic all leave with a look that complements and enhances their natural features, irrespective of their gender.

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Kseniia's clients come from all walks of life. There is absolutely no reason why men too don't deserve to feel better about themselves, using the benefits of semi-permanent makeup. And of course, there is the added advantage that it does not need reapplying, and is gym, sweat and generally life-proof!
Who is permanent makeup for men suitable for?
Lip blush can be used correctively to reduce a dark, bluish tone that some people have. It can also add a light wash of colour to lips that are devoid of any natural pigment. Men's microblading is a great treatment for men who have very fine or sparse brows. Brows can shape our entire face and give definition. Lash liner can be great if you have sparse eyelashes or wish to enhance the natural shape of your eyes.

Does permanent makeup for men hurt?
Microblading and lash liner treatments require a very low pain threshold. For lip treatments, these are less comfortable, but the treatment is quick and gives long lasting results. Kseniia appreciates that not all men are truly made of steel, so takes care to thoroughly numb the area before treatment, to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

How much does permanent makeup for men cost?

Treatment costs is £400, includes a top-up session 4-6 weeks after your first treatment.

Follow up appointments to boost your colour after 12 months cost from £220.

Before your permanent makeup for men treatment

Avoid any aggressive treatments on or around the area to be treated, such as retinols, glycolic peels, dermabrasion or deep exfoliation, and any Botox®, wrinkle smoothing injections or dermal fillers for at least four weeks before your treatment. Wear a good SPF of 25 or over in the weeks before treatment, and avoid getting sunburn in the area.

Kseniia will thoroughly discuss your ideal outcome and expectations as part of your pre-treatment and may carry out a patch test to ensure you are suitable for treatment. Be sure to take any pictures to your appointment that show the effect or results you would like. Kseniia will discuss with you whether or not this is realistic and attainable and she will map out the treatment area before starting, so you can check that you are happy with the procedure before she begins.

As one of the few men's microblading and semi-permanent makeup beauty salons that are in and near the Gerrard's Cross/North London area, Kseniia requests that all clients arrive ten minutes before their scheduled appointment time, as she is extremely busy and cannot let her treatment times over-run, as a result of a late arrival time.

Makeup for men aftercare advice

Kseniia will give you complete aftercare advice and post treatment pack, depending on which treatment you have had. You can also check out the full aftercare advice for each treatment here:

The more general advice, which applies to all of Kseniia's semi-permanent makeup for men treatments, is to keep the area clean and dry, avoid extremes of temperature, always use sun protection and not to pick at the area while it heals.

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