What is a lip blush treatment?

Get that naturally perfect look all day, every day with a lip blush treatment. Rather than harsh, unnatural lip tattooing, a lip blush treatment gives a gently flushed lip colour, using pigment that complements your own natural skin tones, for a perfect 'no make-up makeup' look.

As a semi-permanent makeup for lips, a good lip blush treatment will enhance not only the natural colour of your lips, but make them look fuller and more defined. It can also help to balance any lip asymmetry, or can also be used to correct dark, unnatural hues in the natural lip colour.

Pigment is pressed into your lips using the small needles of a cosmetic tattoo device, and Kseniia will gradually work to build layers of natural colour to give you results that can vary from a fully pigmented lip, to a gentler wash of colour, that appears similar to a lip tint.

Kseniia's artistry ensures that her clients have the most naturally-defined lip blush treatment, using pigment that works with their own natural skin tone, to ensure a beautiful result. Results will last between two to five years.

Lip blush
Lip blush treatments are perfect if you prefer a naturally polished look, without the time and effort. It can help to reshape the appearance of uneven lips, balance lip asymmetry, restore colour lost through ageing or add a healthy blush to naturally pale lips and can give the appearance of fuller, symmetrical lips.

Some people have lips with a naturally darker, bluish tint. Lip blush is the perfect solution to this. It's possible to colour correct those darker tones and Kseniia can give clients a perfectly natural, lighter lip. The results of this are simply stunning!

Who is a lip blush treatment suitable for?

Does lip blush hurt?

There's no getting around it – semi-permanent makeup for lips is not the same pain-free semi-permanent makeup experience as having your brows microbladed is. Just ask anyone who has had lip filler injections – treating that area is uncomfortable for many, due to the thinner skin that we all have in this area.

Kseniia ensures any discomfort is minimised by fully numbing the area before treatment and also during the treatment itself, to ensure it is as comfortable as possible. Once you see your beautiful new lips, you will certainly feel it was worth it!

Lip boost retouch and colour boost
Kseniia offers touch ups of both lip boost colour and definition. She also offers lips asymmetry correction.

How much does a lip blush treatment cost?

The first lip blush treatment with Kseniia, including a full consultation, aftercare kit and follow up perfecting session, after 4-6 weeks is £400.

A retouch and colour boost costs between £200-£250, depending on how long it has been since your last treatment.

Before your lip blush treatment

To ensure the best possible results, Kseniia requests that her clients do not have lip injections one month before your lip blush treatment. She also asks that you avoid any facial Botox or dermal filler in the cheeks, chin or nasolabial lines for 28 days before your treatment.
Keep lips moist and hydrated use gentle scrubs (your toothbrush is ideal) the week before treatment. Ensure you use an SPF on your lips in the weeks before and after treatment. Dry and cracked lips are harder to treat, and results will not be as even as either you or Kseniia will desire.
Avoid any Retinol or vitamin A treatments in the lip area a month before treatment.
If you have a cold sore, do call Kseniia's beauty lounge in Gerrards Cross to reschedule your treatment. If you need to take antiviral medication to treat cold sores, this must be discontinued 48 hours before treatment.
As one of the very few lip blush studios in Gerrards Cross and Beaconsfield area, if you are travelling from further afield, please ensure you arrive ten minutes before your appointment time, as Kseniia studio is busy and appointment times must be strictly adhered to.
Avoid alcohol and aspirin in the 24 hours before Kseniia sees you for your treatment, as these can exacerbate any bleeding.
If you regularly take anti-coagulants (medicine to thin your blood), call and speak to Kseniia for advice.
Lip blush aftercare advice
⠀⠀⠀ Your lips will feel sore, swollen and tender for up to 24 hours after your treatment. This is completely natural and part of the process. Your lips may also look unnaturally over-lined and darker or brighter in colour than you expected. Again, this is completely normal and will fade over the coming weeks and days, post-treatment.

⠀⠀ ⠀The first few hours after treatment, gently pat your lips with a clean paper towel to stop any lymph from crusting. As part of your aftercare kit, Kseniia will have given you some ointment to apply – be sure to keep your lips constantly moist to avoid them drying out and cracking.

⠀⠀ ⠀Take care when eating for the next 72 hours and try, where possible, to drink using straws to help allow the healing process to continue. Avoid kissing, eating very messy food, spicy food or oily food and anything that causes friction or rubbing on your lips.
⠀⠀ ⠀After a few days, you may notice the pigment beginning to scab and peel. It is extremely important to not pick at the scabs and to let them heal and fall off naturally. Do refrain from scratching your beautiful new lips. In your aftercare kit, you will find wipes, cream and applicators to keep your brows at their best.

⠀⠀ ⠀After around 7-10 days, you may notice your lips start to fade – almost like they are about to disappear. This is part of the natural healing process. It will take around four weeks before the skin is fully healed and your beautiful new lips will be at their best.

⠀⠀ ⠀At this stage, you may notice some inconsistencies in the pigment – this is completely usual and due to the natural inconsistencies in everyone's skin. A follow up appointment will balance any asymmetry and any unevenness.

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