Eyebrow services and permanent makeup for women and men in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire. Microblanding artist. Ombré brows, lip blush, old tattoo removal services.

Your microbladed brows are going to work with your face, not against it, we take into consideration your unique facial features and proportions for the best possible result.


To make powder-soft, natural look to the brows, making it a great option for those who prefer a softer brow effect, or those with very sparse natural brow hair who need to replace brow volume.

Powder Brows

Unsure if you prefer the sharp definition of microbladed brows or the soft, gentle ombré of powder brows? Combination brows gives clients the very best of both worlds!

Combination Brows

A good lip blush treatment will enhance not only the natural colour of your lips, but make them look fuller and more defined. It can also help to balance any lip asymmetry.

Lip Blush

Lash Liner

Freckle Tattooing

Imagine being able to wake up with perfectly lined eyes, each and every day. Permanent lash liner could be the answer to your prayers.
One of the more modern and fashion-forward trends in semi-permanent make up is freckle tattooing. Giving the illusion of natural, youthful sun-kissed beauty.
A pigment wiper treatment is a gentle, but permanent way to remove unwanted pigment from anywhere on your face or body.

Old Tattoo
Pigment Wiper

Old Tattoo Laser Removal

male Brow Treatment

Laser removal may be the first resolution option you consider if you have had a semi-permanent or permanent makeup treatment that you are unhappy with.
Yes! Guys wear and enjoy makeup too. From a little tinted balm to full on lashes, there is no reason why men can't also enjoy the benefits of permanent or semi-permanent makeup.


Brow Tidy

Achieve your ideal brows, custom-designed to complement your facial features and elevate your natural beauty.
Our commitment is to provide you with a personalised experience, dedicated to restoring brows that have been over-tweezed, excessively waxed or un-styled.
Victoria Usmangalieva
With a degree in Fine Art from St Petersburg State University of Culture and Art, Russia, Kseniia is not only a fully qualified and accredited brow technician, but a true artist.

"I harness all of my artistic training to work with each clients' unique facial features and I use my tools and skills to create the perfect finished canvas. I pay attention to detail and I have an artistic approach to semi-permanent makeup".
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