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Russian-born Kseniia has called the UK home for over 15 years. From a young age, she had a passion for painting and drawing, demonstrating a keen eye for artistry, shape, and form. This innate talent led her to pursue a degree in fine art at St. Petersburg University before relocating to the UK.

After settling down, getting married, and starting a family, Kseniia experienced postpartum hair loss, particularly in her eyebrows. Determined to find a solution, she discovered the art of microblading, which transformed her self-confidence and self-esteem. Realizing the impact it had on her, she delved deeper into the world of semi-permanent makeup, mastering techniques for eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip blush treatments.

Unlike many other brow artists, Kseniia doesn't just follow strict templates but incorporates her artistic training into her work. She views each face as a unique canvas, considering asymmetry correction and working with her clients' natural features to deliver perfectly balanced results.

Now operating from her beauty studio in Gerrards Cross High Street, Buckinghamshire, Kseniia has built a loyal clientele who appreciate her attention to detail and artistic approach to semi-permanent makeup. Her treatments are characterised by precision, focus, and a thorough understanding of her clients' wishes, ensuring they leave feeling confident and satisfied. With a growing reputation for her unique skill set and approach, Kseniia continues to attract clients from London and beyond.

12 Station Road, Gerrards Cross

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Russian born, Kseniia has lived in the UK for almost a decade. From a young age, she loved to paint and draw, with a keen eye for artistry, shape and form. This innate passion and natural artistic tendencies saw her progress her talent into academia, leading her to study for a degree in fine art at St. Petersburg university, before she made the move to the UK.

Kseniia settled here, married and started her family. Following her second pregnancy, she found herself experiencing postpartum hair loss, a common post-pregnancy experience, but one that she, like many new mothers, found stressful and distressing. The hair loss was from her eyelashes and, most notably, from her eyebrows.

This led Kseniia to research possible solutions. She discovered the skill of microblading, and went for a treatment of her own. Deeply impressed by the treatment and the transformative change that the enhancement made to her self-confidence and self-esteem, she enjoyed a new-found confidence. New mothers have so many biological changes to have to go through, she realised that losing their brows through hormonal fluctuations didn't have to be one of them.

Having seen the difference that having her own brows restored to their pre-pregnancy best did for her own self-esteem, she began to look into microblading and semi-permanent makeup in more detail, to learn more about the process and the techniques. She soon realised this was the perfect venture for her own creative artistry and appreciation of aesthetics.

Kseniia trained to become a microblading technician, simultaneously educating herself in other semi-permanent makeup skills, such as semi-permanent eyeliner and lip blush treatments. She took multiple courses, not only here, but also in her native Russia, to fully understand the full diversity of global techniques and the myriad of different approaches that exist, to be able to develop her own unique approach to treating her clients.

Unlike the majority of brow artists, who have moved from beauty therapy to semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows, who follow the strict templates of their teaching, Kseniia also harnesses all of her artistic training. She sees each face as its' own unique canvas. No two brow bones, lips or pair of eyes are the same. Kseniia approach considers asymmetry correction, working with her clients' natural facial contours and skin tones to deliver beautiful, unique and perfectly balanced results.

Having built a client base of loyal devotees of her facial artistry, she now works from her new beauty studio lounge in Gerrards Cross High Street, South Buckinghamshire; a convenient location for her clients, who travel from London and the surrounding areas for their semi-permanent makeup and microblading treatments with Kseniia. Fully licensed and insured, and using full Covid-safe hygiene and best practice client safety protocols, Kseniia has created an environment of discreet, clinical luxury, where she shares her artistry with clients of all ages.

A treatment with Kseniia is a matter of time, precision and focus, from a full and thorough consultation, through to the finished result. Kseniia takes the time to truly understand her clients. Their lifestyle, wishes and aspirations for their finished look with her are all carefully and thoughtfully assessed before any work begins, and Kseniia continually checks in with her clients throughout the process.

Kseniia harnesses all of her artistic training to work with each clients' unique facial features and she uses her tools and skills to create the perfect finished canvas. This attention to detail and artistic approach to semi-permanent makeup has already earned Kseniia an army of loyal fans and clients, whose numbers continue to grow, as word of her unique skillset and approach spreads.